Which payment methods are available on this portal?

We offer you various simple payment options to settle the outstanding balance quickly and securely. We are sure that your preferred payment method is among them.


Payment by instant transfer

Instant transfer is a popular means of payment offered by Sofort GmbH. First select a country and then determine the bank that is to carry out the transfer. Simply enter the BIC, sort code or the name of your bank. The transaction then runs like a normal bank transfer.

Payment by bank transfer

When making an online transfer, specify the account from which the money is to be transferred. The authorised bank transmits the transfer data to the recipient's bank, which credits the money to the recipient's account. Instead of signing, you confirm the online transfer with a TAN.

Payment by QR code

Transfer quickly and conveniently via online banking - it's easy: just scan the QR code via your banking app. The transfer form is automatically pre-filled with all relevant data. This means you have no further input effort.

Payment by instalments

Can you pay the required total amount in instalments rather than all at once? After logging in under "Payment options", you have the option of creating your own individual instalment plan. To do this, simply enter the desired instalment amount and instalment start date under "Instalment payment". In the next step, select your preferred payment method. You can then make the first instalment directly. For the subsequent instalments, we recommend that you set up a standing order.